Copywriting – what is it?

Copywriting, as the title implies, is writing texts. These include advertising articles, promotional materials, ad text (on the Internet; in print, radio or television) or e-mail newsletters. We could say that copywriting is also a tutorial on how to write an ad text that interests you.

Basic terms related to copywriting


It is the person who writes the above-mentioned texts. A copywriter should master the native language (or the language in which he writes) and have a rich vocabulary. Often different synonyms are needed that make the text unique and enjoyable to read. Nevertheless, this advertising expert should not use very professional terms, especially if he writes for a wider group of people.

A copywriter needs to know as much information about a business or product as possible so that he can use it in his text. Writing about something without proper knowledge is not easy and the result is mostly poor. It is also very important to give the facts a creative and, in fact, sometimes a few facts to decorate. Indeed, the very word “advertising” hides a “delusion.”

PR article

Most often we can meet this form of copywriting. The PR article (Public Relations) should improve the image of the company or inform those who do not know its products or services. In this way, branding is strengthened and the name of the company (often a logo) becomes relatively well known. People talk about society with each other, which is a form of advertising.

A PR article can also describe a particular product while trying to attract people enough to buy it. The goal is not to praise the product, but to give the potential customer essential facts. Of course, certain properties may be described in better light, but obvious disadvantages should not be obscured in any way. The reader sees them, and by not revealing them, you lose the chance to gain credibility.

Site initial text

It belongs to the most important text on certain types of pages. The introductory text must attract the visitor in a few seconds to continue reading. He should inform the reader about what he finds on the site, or what benefits they get by reviewing its content. From a few sentences one should understand what the site is about, what it provides and how to get there. Writing this article is not easy and takes time.


It is the shortest unit in scope, but the more important it is to invent it original. The slogan should say in a few words the main idea of ​​your project or to show what a potential customer can expect from you. A proven way to create such a slogan is to write as many examples as possible and choose the best one. Usually it is not the first, as it is a kind of “warming”.

Much can be written about copywriting, as it is an extensive field. Therefore, in the future, expect more articles on this topic. The next one might be about ghostwriting.